Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo
How Does It Work?
Four Key Steps


Website and Solution

Responsive Design

Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo offers your customers an optimal reading & navigation experience across all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

100% Customized

Set up your solution so it’s in line with your business’s needs. Adjust for your product selection, schedule, available time slots, and pick-up or delivery.

Real-Time Tracking

View your orders schedule on your admin dashboard and manage your business in just a few clicks.

Inventory Management

If a product is out of stock it will be marked as “temporarily unavailable” for your customers. You will automatically receive an email ahead of time to remind you to restock.

Automatic Updates

Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo includes free updates as the tool evolves.

Deliver, the online order add-on


Deliver, order

24/7 Orders

Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo is available round the clock. From the comfort of their own home, office, or on the road, customers can pre-order online at any time.

Orders, Delays and Pick-ups

The online software fully adapts to your activity. You will be able to set up every detail. Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo offers infinite possibilities.

Online Payment

Make your customers’ experience that much easier when you choose to activate the STRIPE online payment option. You won't have to make any arrangements with your bank. 

Delivery and Fees

With Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo, you are free to set up your delivery process in a way that works for you.

Customize Your Business Hours

Set up your closures and holidays in advance. Do you have a special event or holiday coming up? Your online solution can adapt to your schedule and needs.



Organize your product portfolio and create categories to organize your inventory. This system will help people search for your products as they make their orders.

Add and Change Your Products

Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo lets you instantly add or change the products on your website. Your product sheets are fully customizable so you can edit your descriptions, photos or prices at anytime.

Product Combos

Group your products together and create your own custom combos. These "packages" can then be activated or deactivated in a single click. This works really well for adding drinks and other extras to a meal.

Daily Specials

Use your calendar to schedule offers in advance. On the big day, you can relax and enjoy the ride. Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo will take care of everything. Products will only be available and posted on the days you designated in your calendar.


Add options that can apply to your products and offers. This function is ideal for supplementing your sales. For example, clients can select different sauces or sizes to go with their favorite orders.

Deliver, the online order add-on


Deliver, the online order add-on

Promo Codes

Attract new customers by creating promo codes on selected dates.
You are then free to advertise these offers on your most promising social media platform.

Automatic Texts and Emails

Once you validate the order, your clients will automatically receive a text or email confirming the date, hour and transaction amount.

Customer File

With each order, your clients will create a client account. Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo will then store a customer file.

Order Prep in Real Time

Your client will be able to see their order’s progress in real time.


Real-Time Data

Each online order is instantly included in your stats. This lets you follow your online sales and turnover as they evolve.

Analyze Your Statistics

Select a time period. Break down your stats by year, month, day and/or time slot. With Deliver, you can study your stats in depth! Check out the patterns in purchase methods, your best time slots, average purchase size, most lucrative offers, and more.

Analyze Your Revenue

Stay on top of your business with the data you need from Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo.

Deliver, the online order add-on

Go Deliver!

Grow your business locally with Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo!

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